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Our team of designers design swatches based on their research of market trends and fashion forecasting reports. Many a time clients send their ideas and themes based on which our designers create swatches, using a variety of embroidery and texturing techniques. These ready swatches are then sent to the client for their selection and approval. Sometimes, a client might send us an embroidery pattern that they would like us to replicate for them.

The finalized designs are then traced or drafted onto tracing paper. This tracing paper serves as the blueprint of the design/pattern and in India, is commonly known as the ‘artwork’. In the case of embroidery swatches the following process is followed.

perforating the tracing paper
In order to transform the design onto the fabric, very tiny holes are punched in by hand, outlining the design.
This design on the punched tracing paper is then superimposed onto fabric using a special solution. The solution seeps through the tiny holes created during the punching process and gives a clear outline of the design.
the embroidery
Using frames to hold the fabric, the embroiderers begin the painstaking and fastidious process of embroidery, keeping in mind the required color schemes and individual techniques as per the original sample or swatch.

At every stage, each and every piece is closely supervised and constantly compared to the original design. Any deviation is immediately rectified.
pattern making
Our skilled Pattern Makers make precise patterns taking into consideration the smallest of design details and exact measurements specified.
Our stitching department works punctiliously and tirelessly to ensure that each garment is stitched impeccably. Every single detail is given utmost attention.
quality control
From the onset, at each and every stage, our Quality Control and Checking Department checks every single detail, and only after their consent a piece is approved. They check every piece for dimensional accuracy and ensure the finishing is perfect.

Sampling lead times are usually 1 to 2 weeks and Production lead times 4 to 6 weeks depending on the quantity and intensity of the production.

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